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The twelve points of Volksverzet:

1. Stop immigration, repatriation:

An immediate stop to all immigration into our land. Sending back a large majority of all present foreigners to their homeland. This process must take place in the most humane way possible.

2. End Zionism:

With all available tools, fight to take back power from the Zionist elite which has taken the world into their power both militarily and economically.

3. An end to this false democracy:

The creation of a strong government with direct supervision of the people. All members of the state are to have equal rights and responsibilities. The welfare of the people must be the foremost concern at all times.

4. Union of Germanic lands, Greater Netherlands

The unification of the Netherlands with our Flemish brothers, and a tight union with the other Germanic lands. To achieve this we will end our participation to the European Union, as well as all other Anti-Dutch/Germanic coalitions.

5. Reformation of the constitution

Reforming the constitution. The current discrimination legislation will be removed from the constitution, and new laws will be created to ensure the survival of our people.

6. Reformation of the education system:

A complete reformation of the education system. Physical development and norms and values of our society will take a leading role within this system. Every child must get the opportunity to enjoy the best possible suited education.

7. Military might:

Reintroduction of conscription. Strengthening our military power. Every member of the state should be capable to help in the defense of our people against foreign and internal threats.

8. Promotion of a natural lifestyle:

The protection and promotion of a natural lifestyle, in which the family takes a leading role. The natural differences between man and woman should be celebrated again, and it should be possible for a family to live comfortably with one working parent.

9. The economy of the people:

Become a more financially independent country. The end of the current debt slavery. Economic growth of our country will take precedent over profits of multinational companies. Punishments for those who misuse and deceive our people for their own financial gains.

10. Cultural revival:

Conserving but also further cultivating our Germanic culture. Our own art, architecture and music should blossom in order to give our country its unique character again. In this way we will counteract the current globalization of our world

11. Media of the people:

The media must be put into the hands of our own people. By doing this we will prevent foreign influences from manipulating our people for their own interests. Anti-Dutch/Germanic sentiment must be kept out of the press.

12. Conservation of our nature:

The creation of a modern society in harmony with the laws of nature. Our nature and its recourses will be used in a responsible fashion, accounting for future generations. Nature is to be public property and in no way privatized.