Meeting April 20th

On April 20th, members of Storm 2 held a special gathering for Adolf Hitler's 133rd birthday. Part of Storm 3 also joined in for this special event. Sticker activism was performed, movies were watched, and a party was held.

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Members meeting February

Volksverzet activists held a meeting in Flanders at the end of February. The meeting took place in Flemish house de Klokke, and was mainly focused on celebrating the successes of these past two years.

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Group activity January

Volksverzet activists held a meeting and group activity at the end of January. The activity consisted of a long march and group training. They also shared a meal together, and plans for the coming months were discussed.

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Anti-immigration banner Heerlen

Last week, activists of Storm I put up a banner in protest against the housing of asylum seekers in the Netherlands. The 3.5 meter long banner was put up opposite the entrance of the asylum seekers center in Heerlen.

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