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Last weekend members of Volksverzet made a trip through the Veluwe. They also spent the night in the forest.

The activism report of March.

Last month members of Volksverzet put up posters in Tilburg, Eindhoven, Landgraaf, Hoofddorp and Maastricht.

Last weekend members of the Volksverzet hiked through the Loonse dunes.

Last week, two Volksverzet banners were put up on bridges above busy motorways.

In the last weekend of January, hundreds of stickers were put up various cities in Limburg and Brabant to promote Volksverzet.

Last week, a banner was put up in the Geleen area with the text “The government is the disease, We are the vaccine” and a link to the website.

This weekend members of Volksverzet hiked through the Oisterwijk forests and fens.

Last weekend, a banner was put up near Eindhoven with the text “The Netherlands is ours” and a link to the website.

This week two monuments were decorated with posters in Haarlemmermeer.