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November 9th is the day on which people all over the world commemorate the fallen National Socialist heroes. In preparation for this date, Volksverzet activists recently went to several cemeteries to lay flowers and light candles.

Earlier this month, Volksverzet activists went camping in Luxembourg. Among other things, they ate wild mushrooms and practiced map reading.

Last week, Volksverzet activists participated in poster activism against the new corona measures. The posters were put up in the provinces of Gelderland, Limburg, Utrecht and Brabant.

Last month, Volksverzet activists went camping in the German Eiffel.

On August 29, members of Volksverzet from the Netherlands and Flanders came together to attend the IJzerwake in Ypres.

Members of Volksverzet recently had a meeting in the Flemish House "de Klokke".

This week activists from Volksverzet took the initiative to clean the nature around the Meuse. It has been heavily polluted by the recent floods.

Last Monday, August 9, Activists from Volksverzet participated in poster activism to raise awareness of Indigenous Peoples Day.

In the early morning of Wednesday 28th July, activists and sympathizers of Volksverzet put up a banner in Ostend, West-Flanders.

Day of fitness

Recently, activists from Volksverzet held a day of physical training. Here they tested their general fitness.