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Volksverzet activists recently performed a Flashdemo in Utrecht. This took place at one of the busiest junctions in the Netherlands.

At the end of last month, Volksverzet activists conducted a large-scale training. The training was mainly aimed at carrying out new forms of activism.

On April 20th, members of Storm 2 held a special gathering for Adolf Hitler's 133rd birthday. Part of Storm 3 also joined in for this special event. Sticker activism was performed, movies were watched, and a party was held.

Activists set out early in the morning to hang banners in several Flemish cities. The banners were hung in Ghent, Bruges and Ostend.

Storm II activists have celebrated Purim in their own unique way. This was done through a massive grafitti action, and a burning of the international flag of Zionism.

Volksverzet activists held a meeting in Flanders at the end of February. The meeting took place in Flemish house de Klokke, and was mainly focused on celebrating the successes of these past two years.

Volksverzet activists held a meeting and group activity at the end of January. The activity consisted of a long march and group training. They also shared a meal together, and plans for the coming months were discussed.

Last week, activists of Storm I put up a banner in protest against the housing of asylum seekers in the Netherlands. The 3.5 meter long banner was put up opposite the entrance of the asylum seekers center in Heerlen.

Activisten van Storm II hebben recentelijk hun eerste lokale bijeenkomst gehad op een anonieme locatie in centraal Nederland.

Activisten van Volksverzet hebben recentelijk hun eindejaarsbijeenkomst gehouden. De bijeenkomst werd ingeluid met een gezamenlijke vechttraining. Na afloop van de training stonden zij stil bij de successen van dit jaar.