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Activism training:

At the end of last month, Volksverzet activists conducted a large-scale training. The training was mainly aimed at carrying out new forms of activism.

The training:

The day started with a physical training to get everyone in the right mood. After this, an explanation was given about the purpose of the training and the flags were prepared for the march.

The march:

One of the main activities of the day was walking in formation. The activists were ordered to walk in different formations. This was alternated by rest breaks, during which activistists were either allowed to eat, or explanations were given about different types of activism.

The response:

During the day, the activists regularly encountered passers-by. Many comments were made about the appearance of the group. Most of the passers-by were impressed by the power the group radiated. They were also regularly greeted by astonished walkers. The day was a great success.


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