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Fight training and end-of-year meeting:

Volksverzet activists recently held their end-of-year meeting. The meeting started off with a fight training. After the training session, they reflected on the achievements they accomplished this year.


The training:

The activists started their training session with a vigorous warming up and conditioning training. After the warming up, a demonstration was given for a number of basic techniques, which were practiced by means of shadow boxing.

The training session was concluded with pad work, in which the basic techniques, combinations and also some kicks were practiced. During the training session, attention was also paid to the discipline of the members.

The meeting:

After the training session, a meeting was held to reflect on the events of this year. The leader of the group spoke about the successes they achieved, and the progress the group made towards reaching their goals. One of the storm leaders gave a presentation on activism. Hot food was served and plans for the coming year were discussed.


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