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Heroes' remembrance 2021:

November 9th is the day on which people all over the world commemorate the fallen National Socialist heroes. In preparation for this date, Volksverzet activists recently went to several cemeteries to lay flowers and light candles.

November 9th:

The date originates from the famous Beer Hall Putsch, in which the NSDAP, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, tried to seize power in Germany.

Their attempt failed and resulted in 16 dead National Socialists. This day became a day of remembrance during the Third Reich, and has now also been chosen as a day to commemorate all National Socialist heroes who fell during, but also after the Second World War.

The Cemeteries:

Volksverzet went to various cemeteries in honor of this day, to commemorate the heroes. Ysselsteyn was of course visited, but the lesser known and often forgotten graves were also visited.

The remembrance:

In commemorating the fallen heroes, the Volksverzet activists laid flowers and lit novena candles with the Wolfswheel on them.