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Camping in Luxembourg:

Earlier this month, Volksverzet activists went camping in Luxembourg. Among other things, they ate wild mushrooms and practiced map reading.

The outward journey:

The activists arrived at a parking lot on the edge of the forest around noon. Using their map, they began their journey through the forest.

Soon they were greeted by some of the great views Luxembourg's nature is known for.

The journey took the members through impressive rock formations and past beautiful waterfalls. 

During the walk, members noticed the exuberant variety of mushrooms. 

One of the members gave an explanation about how to recognize a number of edible mushrooms. The members decided to put this knowledge to the test by trying some of them.

Passing the night:

After walking for several hours, the members started looking for a suitable location to set up camp. After some searching, they found a suitable location on the edge of a cliff.

The camp was set up and wood was gathered for the fire.

Soon the camp was standing, and the fire was lit. One of the members decided to make fatwood from pieces of dry wood and wax, and the other members heated up their dinner and made tea.

They ended the day by enjoying the sunset together and roasting mushrooms over the fire.

The return journey:

The next morning they were greeted with the beautiful view of the sun shining through the mist-encircled trees.

After a quick breakfast, they cleared the camp and removed all tracks they had made while setting up camp.

When the camp was cleared, the members decided to continue their journey by looking for some of the sights in the forest. After visiting a few more sights, they started their journey back to the parking lot.


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