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Camping in the Eiffel:

Last month, Volksverzet activists went camping in the German Eiffel.

The outward journey:

The members arrived early in the afternoon at a parking lot on a mountaintop. After a short lunch they left for the forest. The weather was good and the mood high.

They were greeted along the way by the beautiful scenery and dreamy views that the Eiffel is known for.

Passing the night:

After several hours of brisk hillwalking, the members began looking for a suitable place to camp. Soon they came to a flat stretch in the middle of a hillside. Here they started collecting a good amount of wood and set up camp (this time consisting of covered hammocks). Afterwards they started making fire.

After quickly making the fire, the activists began heating up their evening meals. While eating a hot meal, they enjoyed the sunset, and afterward looked at the beautiful crystal clear starry sky. After exuberantly enjoying this view, the activists went to sleep.

The return journey:

After a good night's sleep, the activists began the morning by clearing the camp and covering their tracks. They ate a quick lunch, then headed back to the parking lot. This time, they encountered many wild animals along the way, including deer, boars, foxes, squirrels, and mice.