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Meeting and banner activism Eindhoven:

This past weekend, activists of Volksverzet held a meeting in Eindhoven. Afterwards they performed banner activism above the highway.


This past Sunday a number of activists of Volksverzet came together in Eindhoven for a monthly meeting. Here they spent the time hiking through the woods. During their hike they discussed the future of our movement, ideological questions, and the history of Europe. Afterwards the activists decided to eat a local restaurant. Propaganda material was shared, after which some of the activists went home.

The banner:

The meeting ended with banner activism above the A2 highway just outside of Eindhoven. There was a lot of traffic at the time of the activism, and the activists were greeted by sympathetic drivers at multiple occasions, in the form of cheerful honking.

Love your people:

The message displayed on the banner is quite possibly the most important one within our school of thought. It is for our people (which we love so deeply) that we fight against this modern world. This message forms the root of our worldview, and is the reason for our resistance.