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Volksverzet go camping:

Last weekend members of Volksverzet made a trip through the Veluwe. They also spent the night in the forest.

The outward journey:

While gathering, members were greeted with the heavy rainfall that would continue for the duration of the day. The members set out on their route with the help of a compass.

The constant rainfall meant they hardly met any other people throughout the day. After a long hike in the woods, they came across the meadow they would spend the next few hours crossing. During their hike through the meadow they were able to observe the local wildlife.

Passing the night:

After the members had crossed the meadow, it was time to find a place to set up camp. After being briefly surprised by a pack of deer that suddenly ran past, they decided to make camp in a forest between two hills. For this they used a number of sails and ponchos. To further block the wind, they made an improvised wall out of branches and moss. Despite the constant rainfall, they quickly got a fire going, next to which they had their evening meal.

The return journey:

The next morning, the members were surprised by the lack of rain. They packed up camp, ate a quick morning meal, and set out on their return journey. On their way back they took the opportunity to enjoy the unique nature of the Veluwe once again.