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Forest hiking in Oisterwijk:

This weekend members of Volksverzet hiked through the Oisterwijk forests and fens. Here they took a walk of about 10 km.

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The hike:

After a short stop to take a picture, the members hiked on. Along the way, they enjoyed the beautiful view and held discussions about the future of Volksverzet and the current state of the world.

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Remembrance sign:

During our walk we came across a memorial for the bombing of Rotterdam. The stones that lay in the walkway came from the resulting debris from these bombings.

After a short discussion, we came to the conclusion that these kind of hypocritical commemorative signs paint a false picture. While the Germans carried out aerial bombardments on Dutch territory 7 times, the Allies did this approximately 600 times. Both the death rates and the material damage from these bombings have been far greater.