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Posters against false monuments:

This week two monuments were decorated with posters in Haarlemmermeer. One of them a monument in honor of “the resistance” in the second world war. The other one is a monument commemorating the abolition of slavery.

Het verzetsmonument:

The posters were put up in protest against the worship of the pro-communist partisans, for which numerous monuments can be found in the Netherlands.

This while the brave Dutch men, who voluntarily went to war against the red terror from the east, are scoffed at within our society as well as within our armed forces.


Posters on the resistance monument.

Het herdenkingsmonument:

This monument is decorated as protest against the guilt and shame that the Dutch population constantly has to face.

All for the purpose of making us feel ashamed of our colonial past and the historical slavery that was involved. 

What is being forgotten, however, is that slavery was practiced worldwide at that time, and that white populations were the first to stop it. Meanwhile in Africa, slavery is found still to this day.

Posters op het herdenkingsmonument.


Below a selection of photos of this action.