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Banner activisme in Weert:

In the weekend of November 14, two banners were put up near Weert with the text “The Netherlands is ours” and a link to the website. The text is a protest against the theft of our country, but also a message to our opponents. The banners are put up above the A2 motorway.


Theft of our country:

Our country is increasingly being taken away from us by the absurd demands of small minorities, who do not belong here to begin with. Diversity quotas, the destruction of our culture for the benefit of foreigners, hordes of international students, little by little the Dutch way of life is disappearing from the Netherlands. Volksverzet fights to stop this.


Message to our enemies:

The message is loud and clear: This is our country, and we will never disappear. Nothing will stop us from freeing our people and our homeland from your disgusting poison.